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New Outpatient Infusion Center Now Open

OLBH has relocated its outpatient infusion center to 200 St. Christopher Drive on the hospital campus.

The former center was located on the hospital’s fourth floor. The new OLBH Outpatient Infusion Center is more spacious and easily accessible. It is designed for ambulatory, self-care patients who may not require hospitalization, may not be receiving home care due to insurance constraints, or who prefer the ease and convenience of infusion conducted on an outpatient basis.

The center provides outpatient care including, but not limited to, the following therapies: antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy, blood transfusion, hydration therapy, rabies vaccine series, tetanus injections, iron infusions and much more.

Appointments to the OLBH Outpatient Infusion Center require a physician referral. A person wishing to schedule an appointment should talk to his/her doctor.   

For referral and other information, contact the OLBH Outpatient Infusion Center at (606) 833-4129.

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