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OLBH offers genetic testing at the OLBH Women’s Center. There are two reasons for genetic testing: 1.) To provide a former cancer patient with their likelihood of recurrence. 2.) To determine the likelihood of cancer being inherited from a cancer survivor to an offspring. Both types of testing start with a simple blood test which will then be sent off for genetic tests.

Genetic testing is beneficial regardless of a positive or negative result. A negative result can provide peace of mind for an individual and their children. A positive result allows for more treatment options for both an individual and their child should the child also carry a mutated gene. Though the process is more accurate and simpler when starting with a parent with a diagnosis of cancer, in instances where a parent is not alive or is unknown, an offspring can still undergo testing. Additionally, hereditary cancer is not limited to a parent and child of the same sex, or even the same cancer.

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