pulmonary rehabilitation

OLBH’s outpatient nationally-certified pulmonary rehabilitation program, available at the hospital’s Human Motion Vitality Center, helps people with severe breathing problems overcome the physical limitations resulting from their disease.

At first, for those who struggle daily to take a breath, it may be difficult to understand how exercise actually can improve their condition. At the OLBH Human Motion Vitality Center, rehabilitation specialists are proving to a growing number of individuals who live with pulmonary disease, that physical fitness can help them breathe easier.

The program’s specialists place an emphasis on educating patients about pulmonary disease and its effects on the activities of daily life. Patient education helps give a better knowledge of the condition and validates how exercise helps restore the participants’ quality of life.

Specific program goals include decreasing respiratory symptoms and complications, encouraging self-management and control over daily functioning, improving physical conditioning and exercise performance, improving emotional well being, and reducing hospitalizations.

The program tries to make patients less short of breath by improving their breathing muscles and heart function. Candidates for the program include patients recovering from an acute episode, people with lung disorders who need conditioning in preparation for surgery, and anyone whose activities are limited by chronic lung disease.

Upon referral from a physician, pulmonary rehabilitation participants complete the program in three phases. The first phase consists of education, breathing re-training and emotional support. The second phase incorporates exercise conditioning into the program, and along with the first phase, is insurance billable. The third, maintenance phase addresses patient and family education and reconditioning as a continuing process.

Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation at OLBH teaches patients with irreversible conditions such as emphysema, to live comfortably and productively. Diet, exercise, medication, and self-care training help patients conserve strength, reduce stress, and cope more effectively with their disease. The education helps patients recognize problems and seek treatment before they become severe enough to require hospitalization.

The OLBH Human Motion Vitality Center features an indoor walking track, a variety of cardiovascular and strength-training equipment, warm water therapy pool, hot tub, and locker room facilities.

For more information about outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation or other programs offered at the OLBH Human Motion Vitality Center, please call the CareLine at 606-833-CARE (2273).

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