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computer aided detection (CAD)

The Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system at OLBH allows radiologists to localize small abnormalities in breast tissue. CAD is a sophisticated screening tool that assists radiologists by providing a computerized second review of mammograms and is approved for both screening and diagnostic use. The review process draws attention to potential areas of concern that may indicate the presence of cancer. The Second Look system is in use at the OLBH Women's Center and on the OLBH Mobile Health Center.

digital mammography

At OLBH, the hospital's caring staff strives to provide the best mammograms possible. OLBH provides exactly that thanks to the innovative Senographe® Essential full-field digital mammography system from GE Healthcare.

The GE Senographe Essential produces digital images on a computer screen, which help OLBH physicians make the most accurate diagnoses. With this technology, patients experience shorter exam times, faster results and fewer callbacks - all resulting in less anxiety and superior care. Senographe Essential is designed with you in mind, making your exam more comfortable than ever before.

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