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When you enter a Bon Secours Health System Hospital, we want you to feel welcome and have the best experience possible. You can help by becoming an active partner in your health care. Research has shown that patients who are involved in their care tend to achieve better results.

Speak up. When you ask for an explanation regarding your care, you should be able to understand what has been said. If you do not understand what is being said, ask your doctor or nurse to repeat it in terms that you can understand. Ask your doctor or nurse to write the information down so you can read it later.

Pay attention. If the pills you are being given look different than the pills you take at home, ask the nurse.

Make sure you identify yourself. Make sure the nurses, doctors, and other health care workers ask you your name and check your armband before they give you a medication or treatment or take you for a test.

Make sure the health care team, doctors, nurses, and others wash their hands or use the antibacterial solution before they see you. Don't be afraid to gently remind them.

Have a family member or friend help you. If you are not comfortable asking questions yourself, ask a family member or friend for help.

Be able to describe your symptoms clearly. Always speak up if you are in pain or have a concern.

Know your diagnosis. If you understand your diagnosis and what is being done to treat it, you will be better able to follow instructions and participate in your care.

Take part in planning your care. You and your doctor should agree on what will be done during each step of your care.

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